Technical Camera Conversion Kit
gives expression as you like and wider sphere of your photographic activities

The Wista Rail is a Technical Camera Conversion Kit for 35mm and 645 Medium Format Cameras which allows using large image circle lenses and various camera movements. The new Vcrsion 2 has a low profile panhead on the rear camera support plate to use rear swing and tilt at the camera end in addition to the front movements. Furthemore the kits are now available for various 35mm and Medium Format Cameras.
The front standerd of the Wista 45 Camera is used on the front section of the rack and pinion Support Rail. The Camera Support Plate at the rear has the Micro Drawout Device with rack&pinion in the lower stage and a Quick Mount Device is used as the upper stage for fast positioning. Camrera movements are versatile: rise, shift,swing and tilt(center)at the front and rear swing and tilt(base)at the camera end.

The Bacic Rail is 200mm lomg(7.8")and can be extended up to flange 300mm(11.8")by extending the camera plate.

A 90-300mm Lens in a Wista/Linhof lens board or a Leica mount enlarging lens can be used. For example the50mm enlarging lens allows not only up to 5x zoom and close-up focusing,even at 45 degree angle to the camera movements without using small apertures so it is very convenient for quick shots.

Professional accessories are available such as the Panhead for shots at the vertical position. Wide angle bellows and 6~9(6~7)camera back unit.
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