RITTRECK Stands 3 Models
No.500 DX - V
Min. H to panhead - 56cm
Arm L - 97cm

No.501 DX-S
OH - 185cm
Min. H to panhead - 56cm
Arm L - 110cm

No.502 DX-L
Min. H to panhead - 58cm
Arm L - 110cm

Respective up/down and
revolution. 360Krotation.

Film Stand
OH - 153cm
Min. H to panhead - 53cm
Arm L - 86cm

Semi-Stand DX
No. 702
OH - 123cm
Min. H to panhead - 38cm
Arm. Dia 43cm
Arm L - 59cm
Max to panhead - 115cm

Unique design of round pipe
arm. suitable for low angle
shots due to low profile
panhead. Excellent balance
and stability.

Sub-Stand 88
OH - 125cm
Min. H to panhead - 28cm
Arm L - 19cm

Suitable for small studio
and ID photo booth.

Able Stand L-93
OH - 165cm
Effective H - 163cm
Min. H to panhead - 60cm
Max load - 13kgs
Arm L - 60cm

Popular for Digital Cameras.
Because of ball bearings elevation
is so smooth as to move by a finger touch. Stop by a knob.
Able stand L-360
No.460 (Utility Model)
OH - 165cm
Effective H -164cm
Min. H to panhead - 62cm
Arm L - 41cm

2 cameras revolve 360Kon
the arm.
Coincident Lens position allows quick shots.
No twist of Synchro cords.

Able Stand MM-10
No. 470 (Utility Model)
OH - 155cm
Max. H to panhead - 154cm
Mi. H to panhead - 55cm
Arm L -45cm

Smooth elevation by bearings and Pulley and U slot.

Able Stand MM Twin
No. 475 (Utility Model)
OH - 155 cm
Max. H to panhead - 154cm
Mi. H to panhead - 45cm
Arm L. -27cm

Lift upto 5kg (left) 3kg(right)
The camera arms elevate individually. Smooth elevation by a finger touch.

Sub Stand 88
for 3 cameras