Wista Trimming Cutter C-4
No.925 (Utility Model)

Cutting photos in various sizes
by just changing blade. Max.
60H x 55mm V.

Trimming Cutter for Large
Format, 559
No.920 (Utility Model)

Capable for up to
90mm x 55mm (HxV)

Post Card Trimming
Cutter 1015
No.927 (Utility Model)

For 60x90 to 100x150mm.
Various blades are available
on order.

Motor Driven Trimming
Cutter EM690

Max. 60x90mm Move
the sliding plate under
the pressure plate and
the motor is switched
on automatically.

Cutter Blade Holder
No. 950

5 blades are stockable Compact
Size, 80x80x113mm

Sliding Plates for trimming
cutter Duplex Type

2 kinds of blades can be set
for ready to use. Convenient
to set a frequently used blade.

Various Blades