Wista 4-Lens I.DEE
Prod. No. 4515

Image size is freely
changeable. Focusing is
done by viewing real image
on the screen, size of which
is the same as the photo
image. Photo sizes are from
24x30mm to 35x45mm.
There are no shifts of the
subject in the photo.

Wista 4-Lens I.DEE Camera.
Prod. No. 4512
Wista 2-Lens I.DEE
Prod. No. 4511

Facesize is obtained by
Match-the-Distance Scale.
Just align nose line of the
subject against the center
ruled line in the finder.
No cocking shutter allows
quick shots.

Wista 2-Lens Reflex
Type No.4516

A sister model of 4-Lens
Reflex Focusing is done
by viewing real image.
Photo size can be changed
to any size from 24x30mm
to 60x45mm. Just align nose
line of the subject against
the center ruled in the finger.
There are no shifts of the
subject in the photo.

Wista 2-Lens VF
Prod. No. 4509

Universal for 4x5" and
8.5x10.8cm instant films.
Face size photo can be
changed freely from
50x50mm, 60x45mm to
Focusing by screen or
distance scale.

Wista 2 Lens Kit
Prod. No. 1335(Utility Model)

For all 4x5 cameras which accept
universal Linhof lens boards.
Wide Aperture Scale and
simultaneous aperture function
make no difference between left
and right.A unique design having
an expansion and contraction
device behind the lens board to
enable taking separate pictures.

Lens Hood for 4-Lens
Prod. No. 1346

Lens Hood for 2-Lens
Prod. No. 1347

Lens Hood for VF
Prod. No. 1337

Camera Slide Arm 200
No. 872

Slide Type Arm for
permanent mount on
top of stand/tripod.

Camera Arm for 2 cameras

Easy to fix on panhead

Vertical Angle Bracket
No. 879

Lens center of camera can
be positioned on a pan head
center. Suitable for speedy
angle shots.

Panhead for Wista Pro Tripod

The most popular panhead for
stands and tripods.
No deviation from the object
even tightening handles.

No. 810

For 4x5 cameras.
Any desired position can
be locked by the stopper.

Revolving Arm for twin cameras

Rotate 360Kon the center of

Slide Arm for 3 cameras

Suitable for ID cameras

Arm for 3 cameras.

590mm long Pipe Arm
with 3 Panhead Mounts.
Universal type for well balancing
large format camera.

Gear Handle Type Pan Head
No.815(Utility Model)

Fine adjustment by gear handle.
Suitable for Medium format and
Instant cameras.

Large Pan head

Low angle shots with up to
8x10 cameras with three way

Pan Head free form
pulling film plate