The basic concept of the Wista accessory groups is to allow the photographer to concentrate on taking the picture. There are two ways of thinking about taking photographs. One is that the equipment is only the means for taking photographs, the object is to take good photographs. The other way is that the object is the enjoyment of taking photographs. The former is the professional view. In order to satisfy the requirements of these particular customers, we must at least let them be able to produce good photographs. In such a case the photographer does not want to expend to much energy on cameras and their accessories, but wishes to have more time for taking photographs by fully utilizing camera functions which will make picture taking a pleasure. Wista believes this is a prerequisite for a good picture. For advanced amateurs, Wista wants you to enjoy good photography with the unique Wista accessories while satisfying yourself with the analog world of large format cameras.

An example of a unique accessory is a magnifier which attaches to the focusing screen frame and which can be moved freely horizontally or vertically on the surface of the focusing screen. This accessory is called a hands free magnifier and is sold with the focusing frame. This is designed to ensure accurate focusing and to enable both hands to be used for minute adjustments. As the magnifier is attached to the frame of the focusing screen, the focusing can be controlled whilst the tilt and shift movements are adjusted using both hands.

The folding (collapsible) type 4x5 hood magnifier also enables you to use both hands without the use of a focusing cloth even for field work.

The series of Tele/Close-up extension beds are available to give maximum use of the interchangeable bellows system. They are optical benches for tele/close-up photography and are cleverly designed to mount the front standard of the camera onto the extension bed so that focusing can be done by drawing out the camera. An accessory which has been developed to take advantage of the interchangeable bellows system for wide angle photography is called the Wide Angle Lensboard. This effectively puts the front standard in the position it should be in. The board is a cubic shaped frame constructed with 4 protruding rods screwed onto the board which are connected to a front frame. The board is retracted 40mm from the frame by the four rods. The use of a conventional type recessed panel is very inconvenient and uncomfortable for setting shutter speeds and apertures because of the side walls of the lens board. This problem is avoided by using the Wista wide angle lens board. Moreover a new type of bag bellows have been developed at the same time. These allow considerable torsion resulting from titl and shift movements of the camera because the bellows connected to the wide angle lens board are functionally rotatable. These accessories are products which came from ideas generated from cameras with conventional bellows.